Restore your health through a body detox!

The human organism is a self-regenerating system. However, you need to create adequate conditions for that – cleanse the body and take care or it with proper nutrition.

Provide your body with an opportunity to be health!

   Despite the existence of millions of doctors and consultants with diplomas, the best medical equipment and modern, great hospitals, man is down with an illness more often than any creature. Moreover, consider the fact that the number of people suffering from such serious diseases as: diabetes, cancer, infarction or stroke is still growing, regardless of the advancement in medicine. Any possible areas of science are taught at schools all over the world, whatever you need and want, but nobody teaches people how to take care of the most important and complex “system” - your body.

   A modern person lives thanks to “tablets”. You get a headache - go to the chemist, buy a pill. You get a stomach ache - you do the same. And so forever... to be more precise - till death. Official medicine treats the effects, but does not remove the causes of diseases, which never occur randomly. Uncontrolled use of antidepressants, vaccines or antibiotics, which are a burden for the immune system, increase mortality, and changes in the human organism - via genes - are transmitted to children.

   The ill person expects the medicine to be miraculous, perceives it as a magic substance treating immediately. But the modern, traditional treatment no longer brings the expected effects when the organism is overburdened with medicines. More and more often, people turn to the same doctors with complications caused by side effects of medicines.

   No chemist would be able to foresee the reaction inside the human body if several different drugs are taken, and also: pesticides, fungicides, dyes, industrial poisons, heavy metal salts, dioxins, preservatives, artificial aromas, antibiotics, sulphonamides contained in meat, milk, semi-finished products and other additives. Along with cheap fruit and vegetables coming from mass production, semi-finished fast-food and contaminated water, up to 10 kilos (!) of poisons and toxins get into the human body a year in the form of pesticides, nitrates, hormones etc.

   Doctor Paul Bragg, the author of many bestsellers on the necessity to purify your body, wrote: “Internal dirt is even worse than the external one. Therefore, whoever purifies only externally remains dirty inside. People do not understand how much they contaminate themselves by eating inappropriate food, how many poisonous substances collect in their bodies. These substances should be regularly taken out of the body using natural substances”.

 You clean your house once a week. When was the last time you "cleaned" your body?

   Admit that regardless of how often we clean our houses, dirt still collects over time. Every housewife knows: clean up regularly. Another cliché is of no doubt: “you can’t cook a good soup in a dirty pot”. The same situation is in the body: many people incorporating healthy lifestyle, taking vitamins, but having some deposits in their intestines, with possible parasite invasions, cannot observe clear improvement in their health. Since the main contaminant of the internal body environment are faeces deposits in the large intestine, that’s the place to begin with.

The health of all the organs depends on the condition of our intenstines!

   Intestines play many important roles: they provide nutrition to our all organs and waste products are excreted through them. 80% of our immune system depends on them, they have “useful” microorganisms - the microflora. The use of antibiotics, chronic constipation or frequent diarrhea caused by laxatives and contagia and parasites living a good life in decaying deposits, destroy the useful microflora of the intestines and the whole body.

Intenstines with deposits cannot fully absorb nutrients!

   Due to bad nutrition, most frequently consuming products rich in starch alternately with proteins, “residue” - a layer of mucoid faeces - adheres to the large intestine layer by layer. The processes of fermentation or decomposition take place in the intestine as well. Before you are 30-35, 8 kilos of deposits collect in our body! Over time, the intestines are so clogged with faeces deposits that they extend and exert pressure on the nearby organs, thus blocking the passage of blood. Many surgeons declare that up to 70% of large intestines removed by them contain - hard as stone - faeces, mould and even ascaris worms!

  Can you imagine what happens to those "goods" stored for many years at the temperature of 37 degrees?!

   The whole poisonous manere is absorbed over and over again through the intenstine and - through blood - distributed in the whole body poisoning it!