Microbiology knows over 100 types of fungi causing infections and diseases. Since the introduction of treating bacterial diseases with penicillin, and most importantly with antibiotics of a wide scope of action, people started contracting yeast-like fungi. Having killed the bacteria with antibiotics, fungi start multiplying rapidly, since antibiotics were made from mould and fungi. Therefore, they form food for yeast-like fungi. In the case of taking no antibiotics, fungi multiply very slowly. After having taken an antibiotic, a kind of branches of fungi are present within a 4 hour period. After 24 hours there are whole colonies of fungi.

 Pathogenic yeast-like fungi (e.g. Candida Albicans) permeate into easily-accessible openings in our bodies. Oral cavity, ears or vagina have great conditions for the development of fungi - warmth and moisture.

   Sexually transmitted yeast-like fungi. The oral cavity is the place where many kinds of bacteria, viruses and fungi live. Bear in mind that every kiss or sexual intercourse is the moment when partners exchange their bacterial flora.

               100% of people are infected with fungi:
• at hospitals - doctors, nurses, patients,
• in kindergartens, schools and universities (all use the same toilets and bathrooms),
• at swimming pools and sports facilities (pools, toilets, showers, cloakrooms, sport clothes and footwear - the well-known tinea pedis).

   At those places, the Candida fungus changes its host and it is hard to get rid of it. Treatment may last even a year. It may also prove ineffective.

   The Candida fungi, along with parasites, cause severe diseases. People with neoplasms always have many types of fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

   Detoxing the body to get rid of bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites should take place simultaneously.


  If only bacteria and parasites are being fought, leaving the Candida fungi alone, the latter will take the place of the first ones. That’s why it is important to kill fungi at the same time.

   A young (34 years old) woman turned to me for help with a “female disease”. She has been taking antibiotics for two years - with a one-month break. Her immune system was blocked. She mainly ate sweets. She was very thin and looked bad. She had pale skin. It was hard for her to even stand. The Candida fungi were eating her alive. Which one of the “wise” doctors prescribes antibiotics for 2 years?! If a medicine does not work within 10 days, 6 months, a year (not to even mention 2 years!), it means that treatment is ineffective. It is a signal that the treatment is not the right one. You need to find the reason. Uneducated doctors, bad diagnoses and poor treatment... unnecessary costs... A person dies because they are being eaten alive by the Candida and other fungi. When a person dies, doctors say: “they have died of an incurable disease”. That’s what traditional medicine says. This case confirms once again the true nature of the chapter “The reasons why a person dies” (read the book "How to Recreate a Healthy Nation").

  Looking at that example, answer the question - who is responsible for worsening the condition of that girl?