I’m not going to write about the importance of vitamins and minerals for our bodies, everyone knows that. From among all the products in the world, you should be able to choose the best ones. I recommend to my clients innovative products by Agel.

   The advantages of dense Angel gels:

1. Generally available
A huge majority of people find it difficult to take pills. For example: it is hard for children or the elderly to swallow a large capsule or tablet. Others find it difficult for psychological reasons. Thanks to dense gels, people with previous problems with taking supplements, have acquired an incredibly easy way to use them.

2. Comfort and modernity
One of the factors influencing the effectiveness of supplements is the time of their consumption. You probably know it from experience that a tablet should be taken 30 minutes before meals, and a capsule 30 minutes after. This way of usage increases the efficiency of active ingredients and protects against negative reactions with other nutrients. Dense gels may be taken regardless of meals, they are easy to take with you and eat any time. What is more, there is no need to drink water afterwards.

3. Biological absorption
Biological absorption of nutrients in dietary supplements is of basic importance. If nutrients are not absorbed in the alimentary canal, they become redundant. However, not all the capsules and tablets have been created taking into consideration that factor. Additions in the form of capsules or tablets are characterised by a low level of absorption (10-15%). Due to the technology of dense gels, all the nutrients are in their natural form, thus being favorable for optimum vitamins and minerals absorption.

4. Taste is essential
How often have you observed a small child to be satisfied with the taste of vitamins? As a result, another important factor taken into consideration by  AgelTM scientists and researchers, was the taste of the product. Will you take disgusting tablets, even if they prove beneficial? The scientists at AgelTM worked diligently to create a series of products that would not only act perfectly, but also have a wonderful taste. Patented sweetener - in the form of dense gels - is a surprising mixture of low-calorie sweeteners, such as: neotame, acesulfame K, inulin and xylitol. They provide great, sweet taste with no sugar (zero carbohydrate content) and have no unnecessary calories. Inulin is a natural ingredient obtained from endive root, it is present mainly in the form of fibre. Xylitol is a sweetener low in calories, which has a beneficial action on the condition of teeth.

5. Attractiveness „factor”
Undeniable fact: new, attractive products are the object of people’s interest. They like the compact nature and comfort as well as a new method of consuming substances beneficial to health.

6. The need to use the product
Every person in the world needs antioxidants. Everyone needs vitamins and minerals. A large number of people in the world have come across the problem of excessive weight. The need to use AgelTM products is huge and still growing.

7. Simplicity of the product
The essence of the technology of dense gels is easy to explain, and people understand its importance and great potential.

8. Uniqueness of the product
As “the first wave” in the technology of dense gels - and the owner of the developed and patented formulas - AgelTM has become the leader and dominant entity in this vast market.